November 2019

The below plan is specific for those with races coming up. You will notice a mix of efforts and structures, but with a strong focus on race day aspects.

A note on rest days: Unless otherwise indicated, your rest days are to be taken when you really need them, or if circumstances demand it (such as a travel day, if you or a family member are ill, and other life events as they occur). On days you are unsure of how you feel (ie. you wake up or head out the door to train feeling unduly tired) — head out anyway and just go through the motions of training VERY easy for twenty minutes or so!

* If you feel better, try to do the scheduled session.
* If you feel the same (still tired, but not worse), do an easy session and adjust as indicated below.
* If you feel worse, pack in the session and head home.

First Workout

Second Workout




30x100m, swum as:

* First 4 easy warmup
* Last 3 easy cooldown
* The rest ALL SAME SPLIT (meaning: Start easy and hold the split)
* Maximum SUSTAINABLE pace
* NEVER burning lungs
* Aiming for DEAD ARMS
* Using small Tyr Catalyst paddles + pull buoy (biggest you can find)
* 10sec rest after each

Don’t aim to destroy yourself aerobically on these!! The point is to swim steady, not to set best times — but to hold your best time that is sustainable for ALL of these, for the entire set!!!

SWIM: This steady aerobic set works as your long swim swim, but gives you a little time to recover your stroke between each 100m effort, which makes you swim faster and with a better technique.



Gradient set on the treadmill:

10min warm up

[1min at 8%
5min at 0% (flat)
2min at 6%
5min at 0% (flat)
3min at 4%
5min at 0% (flat)]

choice cool down

RUN: Main set is 63 minutes done continuous on the treadmill. The random hills will give you specific strength and also raise your heart rate, while the flat sections is basically teaching your body how to recover on race pace.

Keep the same speed for the entire set, effort should be moderate to hard on the hills and easy to moderate on the flat.



3x100m easy w/u

40x25m, 10sec rest:
3 FAST / 1 easy

* NO pulling gear
* First THREE VERY FAST – 10sec rest in between
* Every FOURTH 25m effort VERY EASY- 10sec rest after this, then repeat the whole set for a total of ten times

c/d 200m easy with pullbuoy as

SWIM: This set works both your speed and heart rate. Take it VERY EASY every 4th 25m to make sure you are fully recovered. If you have time its OK to add some volume in the warm up and cool down.



On a trainer/spin bike do:

20min warmup

30x POWER intervals, as follows:

[1min at 40 cadence HARD RESISTANCE / 1min VERY EASY recovery]

10min cooldown

BIKE: Do this with highest-possible resistance. Your heart rate is IRRELEVANT. No HR monitor needed consequently. Your cadence should be at 50 cadence because you are not able to push against a higher resistance!!! WOBBLY LEGS at the end of this is what we are aiming for. Make sure the EASY recovery is extremely easy so that you can work the HARD extremely hard!



50 x 50 on 10sec
1st and last 5 reps is the w-up and cool down
the remaining reps are – easy-moderate-hard-all out
pull and paddles
follow this rotation until the last 5

Before the 1st 5 as a warm up – you can complete 300 easy and the same after the session

SWIM: Don’t over work the 1st 10 reps especially when it says all out. Never lose your form to try and go faster – doesn’t work well to establish imprinting good form.



3h at race cadence as:
1h easy
1h moderate
1h hard

choice cool down

BIKE: This is the typical session that you should base on effort and not speed/power/hr. Since the hard effort is at the very end, your legs will be tired, you might not go too fast, but the training stimulus is there, and this is the goal today.



2h all done easy in a bigger gear (40-50rpm)


Immediately off the bike:

30min as
15min hard (96 steps per minute)
15min cooldown

BIKE & RUN: This stimulates the changes in cadence and fibers recruitments that you will be doing on race day. The ride is easy, but in a bigger gear (low cadence), then get changed and head out for a hard 15min run with a focus on a high stride rate.

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