The Method is ironguides’ unique, effective training program for multisport athletes of all abilities. Based on the same principles that have generated a Hawaii Ironman winner, multiple Olympic medallists, ITU Triathlon World Champions and World Cup winners, The Method ensures optimal training for each athlete, no matter your background.

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The big 3 errors

The Method is unlike any other training method you’ve tried. Based on our coaches experiences that includes multiple Top-10 Iron-distance performances, sub-nine-hour Iron-distance, sub-four-hour half-distance, sub-1:50 non-drafting short-course triathlons, and multiple Top-40y Hawaii Ironman finishes, as well as the principles behind the training of other top international athletes, The Method helps you avoid the three most common, detrimental errors in training today:

Single minded focus

Single-minded focus on aerobic conditioning to the exclusion of other very important attributes.

Inappropriate training volume

Inappropriate training volume, resulting in the pattern of rapid improvement, staleness, and inevitable slowing down.

Data obsession

Obsession with data and loss of intuitive feel for one’s own body.

The 5 systems

The Method views the body as a highly complex organism of Five Systems that constantly interact to determine the effectiveness of your training. By controlling these interactions and taking into account the hormonal effects of each type of training you do, The Method ensures the highest training efficiency and rapid, optimal recovery.

Lactate Tolerance

The Method injects appropriate levels of Lactate Tolerance training to ensure optimal race preparation.


Endurance work in doses designed not to overload you, while preparing you for your event.


Speed training is a staple of The Method — in the right way, for the right duration, at the right time!


The Method’s training uses sport-specific methods and tools to enhance the effectiveness of certain training sessions, combining aerobic and strength training without risking aerobic overload, while enhancing recovery.


The Method’s strong focus on Neuromuscular training means you train motor skills acquisition — and get the aerobic conditioning anyway!


The Method relies on a high level of repetition to help you train more than just your aerobic conditioning. By repeating certain training sets over a number of weeks, athletes learn to:

Improve motor skills

Via certain specific sessions using widely available equipment, you literally “program your red-meat computer”.

Accurately gauge fatigue

The iterative process means you learn quickly how to determine if on one of “those days” you are truly tired and need rest, or are merely “off.”

Develop intuitive understanding

Over time, athletes who train with The Method develop a keen ability to literally feel how they are doing on any given day.

Build consistency

A few simple guidelines ensure athletes come to accurately interpret their body’s signals over time and to better apply these to maintain training consistency.

Train concentration skills

By shifting emphasis from aerobic levels of effort to form, repetition encourages you to develop greater levels of focus and concentration that will help you in racing and increase effectiveness of ensuing workouts.

Track performance

Pacing instructions according to your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and training consistency. Taper plan and guidelines to ensure optimal race day performance and increased post race recovery.

Better anticipate training

For Age Group athletes especially, The Method provides a predictable, structured routine you can adhere to without compromising sound training principles, while making more efficient use of you time.

Order and Structure

The Method training plans are set up in a very specific order, using a structure that permits higher quality training without compromising recovery. In a Method plan, all sessions are set up so that each complements the other: by following the order of training as indicated in your plan, you enhance the efficacy of the previous and following training sessions because you optimize recovery and mitigate less desired effects.

Simple Training Intensity Levels

The Method doesn’t rely on one particular tool or piece of equipment to guide your training levels. Instead, athletes are encouraged to use simple, intuitive intensity guidelines.The Method does not discourage the use of heart rate monitors or power meters — whatever context best conveys the desired training level to you is the context that will help you best achieve your goals.

ironguides results

81 Kona Qualifiers since 2007

15 Full Iron-Distance & Half Iron-Distance Podiums in 2019

48 first-time triathletes in 2019

Too many Personal Bests to keep track


Twelve months ago I decided to do Ironman China with the aim of maybe qualifying for the World Championships in Kona. I purchased the ironguides 20-week Ironman program, and followed it reasonably close for the 20 weeks leading up to the Ironman. Well, it worked! I finished in 9:52 – the 2nd fastest age-group time at the race – and I confirmed my spot at the World Championships in Hawaii. Woo hoo!!!
- David Bentley, ironguides Athlete, March 2010

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