May 2020

The ironguides Bike Focus Triathlon Training Subscription program is perfect for the athlete who struggles with sluggish, uninspired cycling splits in their triathlon results. Much of your training time will focus on building bike strength and power, while maintaining or somewhat improving swim and run skills.

The Bike Focus program teaches you to ride “triathlon style” so that you conserve your run muscles and glycogen, control your heart rate, and leave your fast twitch fibers ready for a strong run. The program follows the principles and structure of The Method to ensure quality training and full day-to-day recovery.

But why do I only have access to 7 days worth of training if this is a monthly subscription? You should repeat this training plan during the whole current monthly, repetition is a key aspect of The Method, ironguides’ training approach, learn more details on or click The method tab on the website

The below plan is appropriate for athletes of all distances, and should be done at your level on each discipline. For example a beginner swimmer with a running background may do the beginner set in the water while being able to do the fast set on running and likely intermediate training load when cycling. If in doubt always do the easier training plan as goal #1 is consistency.

Below are the guidelines for levels on each discipline:
Advanced: 1500m in sub 27´30″
Intermediate: 1500m in sub 35min
Beginner: Slower than 35min for 1500m

Advanced: 40km in sub 1h10
Intermediate: 40km in sub 1h30
Beginner: Slower than 1h30 for 40km

Advanced: 10km in sub 50min
Intermediate: 10km in sub 1h05min
Beginner: 1h05 or slower for 10km

A note on rest days:
Unless otherwise indicated, your rest days are to be taken when you really need them, or if circumstances demand it (such as a travel day, if you or a family member are ill, and other life events as they occur). On days you are unsure of how you feel (ie. you wake up or head out the door to train feeling unduly tired) — head out anyway and just go through the motions of training VERY easy for twenty minutes or so!

* If you feel better, try to do the scheduled session.
* If you feel the same (still tired, but not worse), do an easy session and adjust as indicated below.
* If you feel worse, pack in the session and head home

Tapering for non-piority races:
*Normal Training up to Thursday
*Friday day off or easy ride (if taking day off on saturday)
*Saturday easy 20-30min ride after arrival at location

Tapering for major races:
*Full Session until tuesday
*1/2 to 2/3 of volume Wednesday and Thursday, conservative with the intensity
*Friday day off or easy ride (if taking day off on saturday)
*Saturday easy 20-30min ride after arrival at location

Recovering from races:
*Monday Swim: 2/3 to Full volume but at a reduced intensity and speed
*Tuesday Run: 40-60min easy aerobic run if half/full marathon on Sunday or one level slower at track
*Back to the programme by wednesday

First Workout

Second Workout




20min warm up

All levels:
10x3min mod to hard / 90sec easy spin
BIG GEAR (40-50rpm)

20min cool down

BIKE: Do this with highest-possible resistance. Your heart rate is IRRELEVANT. No HR monitor needed consequently. Your cadence should be at 50 cadence because you are not able to push against a higher resistance!!! WOBBLY LEGS at the end of this is what we are aiming for. Make sure the EASY recovery is extremely easy so that you can work the HARD extremely hard!


BIKE: Strength / Endurace

All levels:
30 min. Warm up
45 min. at 50rpm on HEAVY gear with moderate to Conf./Uncomf effort
10 min. cooldown

BIKE: Strength / Endurance – this is your second strength bike workout of the week. this will teach you to ride at a lower cadence while developing specific bike strength.



treadmill or track

choice warm up

[8×200 hard w 20sec rest
4×400 moderate w 30sec rest] 1min extra rest in between sets

Beginner: 1x set
Intermdiate and Advanced: 2x sets

choice cool down

RUN: Main set is 200m fast repeats, followed by 400m done a bit slower, repeat it all twice time in total or once if you are beginner



On trainer or spin bike do:

10min easy warm up
Beginner: 4x Intermediate 6x Advanced 8x

[5min moderate to hard – ~80rpm
2min very easy spin]

10min cooldown

BIKE: Keep the cadence 80 or a bit higher. Aim to build the effort across the session to maintain similar power to all repeats



6×100 easy – 20sec rest
3×200 moderate with pullbuoy – 30sec rest
1×600 hard with pullbuoy and paddles

10×100 easy – 20sec rest
5×200 moderate with pullbuoy – 30sec rest
1×1000 hard with pullbuoy and paddles

12×100 easy – 20sec rest
6×200 moderate with pullbuoy – 30sec rest
1×1200 hard with pullbuoy and paddles

choice cool down

SWIM: Negative split swim, broken down in 100’s, 200’s and that will allow you to swim faster and with a better technique. Time trial on the last 1km.



Neg split long bike

90min as
30min easy
30min as 8min moderate / 2min easy
30min as 10x4min hard/1min easy

2h as
40min easy
40min as 8min moderate / 2min easy
40min as 10x4min hard/1min easy

2h30 as
50min easy
50min as 8min moderate / 2min easy
50min as 10x4min hard/1min easy

all done at race cadence

BIKE: Start out very easy and pick the intensity up as you progress into the set



[50min all done easy in a bigger gear (40-50rpm)


Immediately off the bike:

20min as
10min hard (96 steps per minute)
10min cooldown]

Beginner: 1 set as above
Intermediate: 2 sets as above
Advanced: 2 or 3 sets as above

BIKE & RUN: [bike+run] — multiple times depending on your ability.

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