ironguides provides various triathlon training programs to suit both your goals and budget. All our training plans, whether through our most custom online personal coaching as featured on this page or via our more affordable training plans, follow The Method.

ironguides offers a unique, more organic way of training and racing and, ultimately, living.

Instead of churning out training plans following a generic, zone-based and highly quantitative way that delivers the same old “A, B, C and key races” terminology, The Method takes a more qualitative, skill-oriented approach. This means, in a nutshell, that you receive simple yet sophisticated and effective training techniques that teach you to understand and interpret your body.

ironguides offers a light-hearted perspective on training and racing, though—make no mistake—our goal is to help you perform to your full potential! Or, as we like to say, your best is our business. Explainer video

My position as a CFO requires me to work 60 hours per week, My family commitments are my wife and 3 sons – aged 16, 14 and 2.5. ironguides provide me with customized training plans which are structured around my busy work schedule.  These training plans have helped me maintain a high level of training volume with no injury down-time.  My coach also provides helpful nutritional advice and adapts my plans as and when my work demands result in increased stress levels. I decided to work with ironguides in 2009 after I registered for my first Ironman. Since I was returning to the sport, after a 20+ year absence, I believed that Ironguides would structure a customized training program for  me which would enable me achieve my lifetime goal of completing an Ironman, which I accomplished. My first race under ironguides was 2009 Ironman 70.3 Philippines with a first place finish in the 45-49 age group.
– Bill Dobson, ironguides Athlete, CFO & father of 3

What’s included

The Method Training Plan

Completely tailored to your current level of ability, specific goals, training schedule and life circumstances, while based on The Method’s fundamentals.

Personalized Library

Your coach will provide guidance—and answer all your questions—on training and racing such as choosing your equipment, planning your season, ways to train while travelling.

and more...

Access to the lively and informative ironguides Forum for additional support and guidance. Access to the ironguides Athlete Resources for plenty of valuable tips and discounts from our sponsors.

The Method Nutrition

Detailed nutrition advice, based on hormonal balance, that will speed up your recovery and improve your training and race performance.

Your best on race day

Pacing instructions according to your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and training consistency. Taper plan and guidelines to ensure optimal race-day performance and post-race recovery strategy.

Mental Training

Mental techniques to boost your confidence while lowering your fear and anxiety for races and training. Strategies to stay motivated and consistent in your training while dealing with the specific challenges of your every-day life.

Training fundamentals

Order and Structure

The Method training plans are set up in a very specific order, using a structure that permits very high quality training without compromising recovery. In The Method training, all sessions are planned so that each complements the other: by following the order of training as indicated in your program, you enhance the efficacy of the previous and following training sessions because you optimize recovery.

Simple Training Intensity Levels

The Method doesn’t rely on one particular tool or piece of equipment to guide your training levels. Instead, ironguides athletes are encouraged to use simple and intuitive intensity guidelines. The Method does not discourage the use of heart rate monitors or power meters—whatever context you feel best conveys the desired training level to you is the one that will help you best achieve your goals.

The Five Systems

Strength, Speed, Neuromuscular, Lactate Tolerance & Endurance. The Method views the body as a highly complex organism of Five Systems that constantly interact to determine the effectiveness of your training. By controlling these interactions and taking into account the hormonal effects of each type of training you do, The Method ensures the highest training efficiency and rapid, optimal recovery.


The Method relies on a high level of repetition to help you train more than just your aerobic conditioning. By repeating certain training sets over a number of weeks, ironguides athletes learn to improve motor skills, train concentration skills, develop intuitive understanding, better anticipate training, track performance, accurately gauge fatigue, and build consistency.


USD 199 per month

  • Training Plan


  • Email Access to your Coach

    Weekly Updates – athlete initiated

  • Set up fee

    USD 99 includes 40′ call

  • Phone calls

    USD 99 p/ hour

  • Live Chat (What’s app)



USD 399 per month

  • Training Plan


  • Email


  • Set up fee

    no (initial 40′ call included)

  • Phone calls


  • Live Chat (What’s app)


How it works

  • Choose your plan

  • Complete an online questionnaire

  • Schedule a call with your coach to align the next steps

  • Get & check your plan

  • Send your questions to your coach

  • Start training!


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