Profile Information

Name: Bill Dobson
Age: 45
Nationality: USA
Training Since: 2005
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Relationship: Married with three kids (13, 12 & 2)
Coach: Vinnie Santana
Weekly Work Hours: 50
Weekly Training Hours: 15 – 20
Recent Races:

Lost 50 Kg (110lbs in 5.5 months when started training

Ironman 70.3 Philippines 2009 – Winner

Ironman WA 2009 — 11h12 (First Ironman)

Ironman Malaysia 2010 — 12h33
Roth Challenge 2010 — 11h20

Training Overview:

Bill was a triathlete and marathoner on his teens and early 20`s, then switched his priority to his career in finances and with that you get the long working hours and unhealthy lifestyle habits.  A few years after turning 40, Bill decided it was time for a change and has since then slowly changed his habits and lifestyle, although working as a CFO is never a relaxing job, Bill has managed to organize his schedule which allows him a 60-90min workout first thing in the morning on weekdays, and he does his long workouts on the weekends.

The first big accomplishment was losing 50 kilos, which allowed him to participate in a few local triathlons, and the eventual progression to his first Ironman finish came in December 2009, when Bill went 11h16 in Busselton Western Australia.


1) Bill on his early triathlon days

2)With his wife at a Corporate dinner

3) On his win at Ironman 70.3 Philippines


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Date: September 11, 2010
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