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ironguides Head Coach Vinnie Santana provides in-person and online coaching from his base in Bangkok, Thailand. A native of Brazil, Vinnie gained notoriety for his sub-nine hour Ironman results in his early twenties — as a Type 1 diabetic, this makes him the fastest diabetic Ironman athlete of all time! Vinnie has been training using principles of The Method for much of his career.

Name: Vinnie Santana
Age: 30
Nationality: Brazilian
Coaching Since: 2005
Number of Athletes Worked with:100+
Coaching Career Highlights: 

**Ironman World Championships Podium twice (Luiz Topan 2nd M45-49 in 2011 and 4th M40-44 in 2009)

**More than 20 athletes qualified for Kona

**Coached several beginners to finish their first ironman

**Coached several diabetics athletes, including a Kona qualifier and 9h17 IM

Additional info:

The youngest Professional Triathlete at the 2007 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Vinnie was a recreational athlete until his age group win at his first Ironman Brazil in the 2004. That’s when he decided to race pro and see how fast he could get.

The answer: 8h50min for the Ironman distance! With multiple top ten Ironman podiums, Vinnie made himself one of the best and most consistent long course athletes in South America.

Relocated to Bangkok, Thailand after serving time with professional Team TBB, Vinnie has an Ironman Personal Best of of 8h50min at age 23 and multiple podiums as a professional athlete. Vinnie believes that diabetes has developed in him a deep intuitive understanding of the requirements of the human body during endurance sports.

Vinnie knows that diabetics need special attention for every activity they undertake. The type/amount of food and even mood can have big impact in blood glucose management. That happened to be a powerful weapon in Long Distance triathlons, when racers really need to be in synchrony with their bodies to properly know when to push, rest, eat, drink.


Name: Vinnie Santana Age: 30 Nationality: Brazilian Base: Bangkok Thailand Services: Online Coaching & Local Squad


Ironman World Championships Podium twice More than 20 athletes qualified for Kona Coached several beginners to finish their first ironman


Date: August 17, 2012
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