The ironguides 12-week Duathlon Training Manual provides all the information you need to successfully prepare for your next Standard distance Duathlon (10k run/40k bike/5k run or 5k run /40k bike/10k run). You also have the option to do some swimming in case you plan to shift back to triathlons after your targeted race. Based on The Method, a sophisticated yet simple way of training high-performing athletes developed in more than two decades, this plan will give you all you need to be ready physically and mentally for your next challenge. Need more information? Watch the video about this service:

Want to go longer in a Duathlon? Check our 12-weeks POWERMAN DUATHLON PLAN PAGE – 10km run /60km bike /10km run

Goal: Standard Duathlon

Great for

All levels

Not a perfect fit? Check out our other training plans or different coaching services

10km (or 5km) 40km 5km (or 10km)

7-12h week


For Athletes who can:
60 min
Non-stop moderate
30 min jog
non-stop moderate


In my first Duathlon race under an ironguides training plan, I finished 3rd overall just behind world’s number 3 duathlete and former Ironman 70.3 european Champion – I am astonished with the details on how specific the training and race day strategy can be for duathlons.
-Ivan Vlasenko, 3rd Overall Powerman Thailand

What comes with it

  • Day-by-day training instructions

  • Instructions for proper rest and rest days

  • Adaptation instructions, optional swimming and Powerman as race distance

  • Periodization for 100% readiness on race day

  • Core stability exercises

  • Muscle regeneration exercises and techniques

  • Access to the ironguides forum for support & eKick newsletter

  • Nutrition & diet guidelines for optimal performance

  • Strategies for coping with race anxiety

  • Discounts and special deals with ironguides partners

  • Extra training week for Post-Race recovery

  • Training Intensities description


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