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The ironguides Balanced Triathlon Training Subscription Plan is designed for short course triathletes or long course triathletes aiming to improve their speed and strength. The Balanced Triathlon program uses the principles of The Method to structure your training so that you can still improve across all disciplines at a budget price.

The balanced plan is perfect for athletes during the race season or that prefer to work equally across all three disicplines. Your training in all three sports focuses on training you like you race, and provides sessions that improve your triathlon-specific skills, strength and aerobic fitness so that you race faster and train healthier. Learn more about this service with the video below:



Choose a plan that fits your current fitness and goals.


One switch to another plan allowed per 3-month subscription.


Different plans updated every month.


Experience training with The Method at a low monthly cost.

Online support

for general questions (non-coaching) via the ironguides forum.


Access to ironguides Athlete’s resources.
I’ve always been self-coached but didn’t want the commitment of a coach while I was interested in following a structure that works. The subscription service is a great idea as I’m still able to train using The Method, while it fits my budget and gives me flexibility to change the focus from single discipline to the balanced programme as I progress into the season
Neil Van Heerden

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