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ironguides 15% FTP increase Challenge to overcome Covid-19

While most races in 2020 are now cancelled, we want our athletes to stay motivated, healthy and improving.

The ironguides FTP Challenge will be a motivating way to have a goal for the next couple months, train safely and boost your fitness as a result. You also get our flashy bike jersey if you can achieve the 15% increase in your FTP test and most improved ironguides athlete will get a trisuit.

How it works:

Do a FTP test (20′ protocol) until May 1st or you can use an older from April 1st, share the result to your coach (AVG power & AVG HR). He will then build a FTP increase block for you

By June 30th, do another 20′ test, and you must have improved your FTP by 15+%

-Must wear a HR monitor – AVG HR on test 2 must be within 8bpm from test 1
-Valid only for personalized coached athletes


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