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Shift your Training Perspective

“There’s many ways to skin a cat” the saying goes…but in triathlon, there has been a strong shift to towards the false assumption that every workout needs to be all about the aerobic training benefit you receive, when in fact many other systems come into play to complete the perfect training plan.


All too often we see people training as if every workout was their only opportunity to develop a greater aerobic engine. The constant barrage of information in magazines, forums and websites is by and large focused on improving one’s aerobic fitness level. While this aspect of training is the most important, if you want to improve as an athlete you need to adopt a new perspective on your workouts because there’s more to it than just building up your aerobic capacity.

Age Group athletes especially need to ensure that each training session carries the maximum “bang for the buck” because training time is limited compared to professionals. Throw in family obligations and a full-time job and you may only have 6 – 10 hours a week to train. So how to improve your triathlon fitness on fewer hours of training?

Well, let’s start by making it clear that performing at your top end, to your fullest genetic potential is like creating an experiment in a vacuum tube. Almost no one, not even top professionals, performs to their fullest genetic potential. Far too many other factors come into play to offset performance, not the least of which are life circumstance and mental and emotional disposition to the goal.

As an Age Group athlete you should not seek a training plan or program that promises to deliver you race-winning performances on modest training volume. This does not exist. What you should seek is a training plan that provides better performances on the same volume of training as other plans. This is where making a shift in perspective on your training can be very useful.

Take two 40-minute run workouts on two separate training plans. One plan reads “40 minutes, Zone 2.” Out you go, run run run. End of story. What has the session delivered? 40 minutes of aerobic training and not much else. Workout 2 reads: “Treadmill 40min. Flat. Increase the effort to a pace that is just barely sustainable for the final 20min of the workout before cooling down.” Workout 2 generates aerobic conditioning, that’s a guarantee. But let’s take a closer look at what else this session delivers.

Without giving away details, you’re running on a flat treadmill for a reason. Running at the same aerobic intensity on land, you can’t run nearly as fast. On a flat treadmill you are able to run faster at a given aerobic effort, meaning your muscles trigger nerve signals at a faster rate. Translation: You are training your body biomechanically to run faster while getting the aerobic workout too. In short, both Workout 1 and Workout 2 train provide aerobic benefits, but through use of a treadmill Workout 2 teaches your body to run fast without additional aerobic strain on your system.

Similarly, you can create training sessions for swimming and cycling that will train you aerobically while also working other systems. When you structure your training, try to understand what other training effects your training sessions provide. Are there multiple dimensions of fitness being trained by your sessions? Or are they simply focused on aerobic training load?

The net benefit is that if you shift your focus from the aerobic benefits of training to an overall view on the benefits of each training session and how these complement each other during your weekly routine, you can structure a training plan to provide multiple training effects. That means you can accomplish more in your training time than simply following a zone-type program. Incorporating the right combination of workouts and recovery means more bang for your training buck. And that means you go faster on race day — with no additional training required

Train with ironguides!

Personalized Online Coaching:  Starting at USD190/month

Monthly Training plans (for all levels, or focused on one discipline): Only USD39/months

Event based training plans:

Sprint Distance (USD45 for 8-week plan)

Olympic Distance (USD65 for 12 week plan)

Half Ironman (R$95 for 16-week plan)

Ironman (USD145 for 20-week plan)

X-Terra (USD65 for 12-week plan)

Running Plans (10k, 21k and 42k – starting at USD40)

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Ironguides Bangkok – May 2020 Updates



ironguides Bangkok newsletter: Stay updated on what our group is up to!

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Dear athletes, below the updates for the upcoming month:

*Group sessions remain not allowed
*New online training format for members (personalized coaching optional)
*Weekly virtual group rides on Zwift
*Monthly virtual race on Zwift
*Maintain swim fitness with strength sessions
*ironguides club races series starting in June

Enjoy your training,

Members Updates 

As some of sport facilities remain closed and there is no group formation is allowed ALL classes cancelled until 30th of June.

All memberships frozen for another 60 days. We are trying to find different options to restart earlier.

Personalized online Coaching & Personal Training

Feeling the lack of accountability from a Coach? Need help with your training with the current limitations? 

While there is no weekly classes in old format we are providing our members online options to stay active and motivated. It could also be a perfect time to develop specific fitness components of triathlon that you can still train on your own

We have few options for you to use membership value in our other coaching services such as

*Personalized Online Coaching
*Personal Training

Touch base with us to learn more

Results of Bike Challenge  on Strava  “RIDE FROM COVID-19”  (21.03-30.04.2020) 

As expected the challenge was tight, but as normal in sport there is limited spots on podium.

Cyclist of this period and overall winner Romain Raimbault with steady consistency high training volume from week to week and his epic “Everesting” ride to raise funds for UNICEF Thailand.

Category winners:
1. Most hours Dani Cruz Bardera
2. Most km Kipsan Beck
3. Most elevation gain Pavis Chaikornkij

All winners will be awarded with box of Bollox energy gels

Congratulation to all participants!

Also we had 5sec and 5min  power challenges on our weekly Zwift meet ups.

Kings of the sprint with most watts for 5 seconds
-Danil Dachkevitch and Dani Cruz Bardera

King of long sprint with most watts for 5minutes
-Romain Raimbault

 Weekly Virtual Bike classes  

We keep our weekly virtual meet-ups on Zwift leading by coach Ivan Vlasenko

Every Tuesday: Ironguides meet up on Zwift, 19:00 (60-75min, short intervals)

How it works: 
You need Zwift membership and the right set-up at home, ideally including a smart trainer with resistance and the Zwift Companion app on your phone.
In order to be able to join the meet-up, you need to follow “Ivan Vlasenko” on Zwift and Zwift Companion Application.
Once you follow  he will be able to invite you for a “meet-up”, and you need to accept the invitation in the app. It will appear in your planned events in the app.
You must connect to Zwift and start riding by yourself by clicking on “ride” at least 5 minutes before the official starting time. You can select any map, it does not matter. DO NOT click on “Ride with Ivan Vlasenko” on the menu page, else you might miss the official meet-up.

Once “in the game”, you should be able to click on “join Ivan Vlasenko’s meet-up” on the bottom left of the screen. The blue button will appear 5 minutes before the start of the meet-up. We will all be cycling on the Zwift stationary trainer for a few minutes until the official start time, use this as a warm-up and make sure you are ready for the ride (water, food, towels, fan, AC etc).

Back to racing…Virtual 

While every triathlon event through the end of July cancelled or rescheduled there is an option to virtual racing.

We adding virtual race on Zwift on monthly base. First race scheduled on may 16th ”King of the mountain” 26,4km course with 13,2km final climb to the finish ( average gradient 8,5% with over 1000m elevation gain).

-Free for members and coached athletes
-350thb for drop in athletes. Book here

Registration here. After payment has done you will get invination via Zwift companion app.

Winner of the race will be awarded as King of the Mountain.
There is also special prizes from our sponsors for top 3 men and 1 women

Race mode is ON

ironguides Club Races & Camps Calendar 2020     

There has been some changes to our camp calendar, with the lack of races we have now adjusted the weekends in a way that there will be a club race simulation in every camp, so you get your race fix against your team mates for this year every couple months or so, and win a little symbolic prize to give a more race feel.

The concept was based on the first ironman triathlon race in 1978 in which 12 athletes toed the line, we will keep this small and safe, only to our community. Club races were also a thing in the late 90s and 2000s before the large commercial races took over, its time to bring it back

You can use your current membership value to sign up for these.

More information

13-14 & 20-21 June, HUA HIN – Sprint Triathlon + Hills Skills + Long Ride 

Sprint Distance Triathlon – `Back to it` camp. After some time of quarantine this camp is perfect for you to build back into training and racing mode. We start with a sprint distance triathlon on Saturday morning, a technique bike session in the hills on Saturday the evening and a long ride on Sunday morning

1-2 AUG, HUA HIN – Olympic Distance + Pre-race sessions 

As your fitness increase, so does the race simulation distance. On day 1 we sessions that will help you perform better on race day, with an easy long ride in the morning, an easy pre-race swim-run in the evening and on Day 2 a race simulation, Olympic Distance

23-25 OCT (long weekend), Hua Hin – Long Distance Camp 

Our final camp of the year is focused on long distances, starting with a long race simulation of 2-3k swim, 77k bike and 9.4 to 14.4k on the run, the day after a long ride of 112 to 132km.

More information

Run Course of June’s race


How to maintain swim fitness while all swimming pools closed?

Luckily, you can still get a good swim workout without swimmimg. Here is a circuit you can manage right in your room. Only body weight is required.

Warm up: 7-10min various hand swings, add jumping jacks at the end of warm up as it require a similar shoulder movements as swimming.

Main set:
1) Hands swings. The principe is to twist back and forth with both hands. Try to unwind them as easily and calmly as possible. It develops the flexibility and mobility of the sholder joints.
2×15 times forward, 2×15 times back with 30 seconds rest in between
2)  Rowing on a slope. This drill is designed to develop a sholder girdle and proper crawl swimming on long arms.
You need to bend over, relax your hands and try to swim – 3×20 times with 30 seconds rest in between.
3) Forearm plank. Press the floor away from you with forearms. You should form straight line from shoulders to heels.
4×30-45seconds with 45 seconds rest
4) Push ups. 4×10-15 repeats with 45 seconds rest in between.
5) The boat. This exercise for your back muscles.
Position – lying on your stomach. Raise straight arms and legs at the same time, stretching your arms forward and legs as far back as possible. Try to lock in this position on the top and then slowly dropping down.
2×10-12 repeats
6) Regular squats. A little bonus if you keep your arms extended over your head ‘streamline style’.
2×15 repeats with 30-45 seconds rest in between.
7) Kicking. Lying on your back, flat against the floor. Lift your legs over the floor and kick.
4×15-20 seconds wth 30 seconds rest in between.
8) Crawl in plank. Get ready in plank position and do alternate strokes with your hands.
3×25 seconds.

Important: do everything calmly and properly. No rush

Open Water Swim Session @Taco Lake

Coached sessions

Open water Swim Session – June (date TBC)

Open water wim session 
0800-0830 – Arrival & Gear prep
0830-0915 – Warm up (800 to 1600m or open water skills workshop)
0915-1000 – Race Simulation + cool down (1600m)

Total distances (approx):
Beginner – 2,400m
Intermediate – 3,000m
Advanced – 3,200m

-Free for members
-600THB drop in non-members (book here)
-Includes access to the lake, a personal safety buoy, locker & shower.

*Taco lake is ~1h drive from Central BKK


Coached Sessions

  • Where: Racquet Club (Map below).
  • Time: 7.30pm-8.50pm
  • Monday and Thursday, Advanced and Beginner levels. 


  • Free for club members and coached athletes (2x a week)
  • 600thb for drop in athletes (book & pay online, in advance)


Monthly coached velodrome sessions:

*Next velodrome session: TBA

Where: Velodrome inside Rajamangala Stadium (Hua Mak) on Ramkhamhaeng road.

When: Saturdays @7.30-9.30am (technique drills starts at 7.30am)

*Free for club members & coached athletes
*350thb for drop in athletes (book & pay online, in advance)

What if it rains or we cant use the velodrome due to any race/event:
*We do a bike technique & skills drills instead. Same meeting point


Weekly Coached Sessions

Where: Thephasadin 400m track
When: Wednesdays @6.30-7.50pm


*Free for club members & coached athletes
*350thb for drop in athletes  (book & pay online, in advance)

Membership & Coaching Service Offers

Drop in Sessions (book & pay online, in advance)

  • Cost: 350thb run & velodrome sessions, 600thb swim sessions. Payment in advance, non-refundable due to limited slots per class.

Triathlon Club Membership – 3 months option 

  • 3 months membership: 6900thb
  • 6 months membership: 11900thb

Includes access to weekly swim, bike run sessions, training plans library, article & apparel/helmet voucher. (more)

Personalized Coaching:


  • Access to all sessions
  • Personalized training plan
  • Email with your coach
  • Apparel voucher

Starts at 5.900thb/month (more)

Sponsors & Discounts: 


Find the discount code inside your training plan / login area:

TRI-DASH THAILAND: 10% OFF at any event during 2020 – use our coupon code on the members area when registering for the race

 Training Plan library 

Training Plans library updated (workouts in 3 levels Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced):

* 9 Training plans (3 distances in 3 levels): 
Ironman, Half Ironman, Short Course & Duathlon training plans available

* Documents:
-11-page Ironman 70.3 race manual
-Traveling guidelines, Big day – Race simulation workout.
-21 race workouts to your short course plan, ironman recovery guidelines
-guidelines on nutrition, recovery, stress & core training

Access training plan area and sponsor discount codes HERE

Canned Training Plans now in THAI language

โปรแกรมฝึก (ไทย) หรือ คลิก เพื่อดูภาษาอังกฤษ. Training Plans (in Thai) or click here for training plans in English ironguides มีโปรแกรมฝึกที่เหมาะสมกับประสบการณ์และรายการแข่งที่คุณตั้งไว้เป็นเป้าหมาย ทุกโปรแกรมที่ตั้งอยู่บนหลักของ The Method ™ ให้รายละเอียดสำหรับแต่ละครั้งการฝึกสำหรับระยะเวลาที่ดีที่สุดในการเตรียมตัวเพื่อให้คุณอยู่ที่จุดสตาร์ดด้วยความรู้สึกที่ฟิต สุขภาพดี และมีความมั่นใจ

Online Booking system for drop in classes   

Online Booking system for drop in athletes

In order to maintain quality of our sessions as our group grows, we now require advanced booking for drop in athletes via our website – it’s a very easy and simple system and takes less than 2 minutes. Please understand that no more cash payments will be accepted. Note that tri-club members aren’t required to book their presence.

The aim is to increase workout quality to club members while still providing the opportunity for non-members to come in casually & allowing new athletes to try out.

How to make your booking online:

1) Access > booking option is on the top of the page > Select desired class

2) Select date > Confirm availability > Fill in name + email > Send

3) Confirm details > finalize payment via paypal > receive confirmation email. No refund since when you book a class you take one limited slot.

 Maps – Squad location

Racquet Club @google map – Map 1

Racquet Club Map 2

Velodrome @ Rajamangala Stadium (Hua Mak)

Running Track by National Stadium BTS (next to MBK)

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