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Days OFF: Learn How to Read Your Body Before Taking One

Time for the next session—but you’re tired and unmotivated to head out of the door. You’re not sure if the fatigue comes from having had a stressful week at work, or if you went a bit too hard at those weekend sessions. You are a dedicated athlete who feels very guilty whenever you miss a session. At the same time, you know that training through fatigue or illness is bad for your health. So what to do?

For this scenario, The Method athletes are given a few simple guidelines to “test drive” their bodies to help decide if they ought to skip a training session on any given day.

The key? WHEN IN DOUBT …  try it out!

This does NOT mean that you train when you’re sick.

But on those days when you’re unsure whether your should train, or not, The Method encourage athletes to simply try out your body to see what it tells you. Start the session with a very, very easy 20 to 30 minutes before making that call.

If you feel better, continue your session as planned. If needed, back off and take it easy later in the set if you find that you’re deteriorating.

If after that initial 20-30mins you feel the same, i.e. neither much better nor much worse, modify the session so that it places less strain on your body. For example, if you’re to do a long endurance effort, cut the duration. See how you feel later in the session before deciding if you’ll carry on. If you’re to do a lactate-tolerance session, greatly moderate both the duration and the intensity of the efforts and give yourself a lot more rest between each effort. You still engage your high-end aerobic system and fast-twitch muscle fibres, helping to maintain your accumulated fitness gains until you feel strong again.

If you feel worse after testing your body for that very easy 20-30mins, pack it in and head home. Your body’s telling you that it’s not prepared to train today; you might be fighting an impending illness or simply need to recover. Heed the warning and take the day OFF.

A stitch in time saves nine—if you’re ill or fighting illness, having a few days of rest from training will prevent a prolonged forced break from training and racing.

Use these simple guidelines to judge the most appropriate response on days when you feel sluggish or off. Often, you’ll have a great training session on a day you might otherwise have written off.

And on days you feel great?! Go for it! Just remember, the goal is not to deliver hammer blows to the body, but to generate a long-term, consistent training stimulus.

Try as we might, there is simply no way to avoid getting sick once in awhile. For these times, The Method stipulates you take time off and recover. Remember: With The Method everything is relative. When you’re sick, the body is weakened and needs to recover from training. The goal is to achieve maximum, effective consistency.

With all that said, The Method doesn’t set in stone when you’re to take rest from training. Unfortunately, this heretical notion of The Method has led to more misinterpretation than any other of its principles.

Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us: work, family and community commitments often cause us to miss out on training. Rather than worrying about missed training when this happens, take comfort from the fact that you’ve been training consistently and diligently until then.  Your days off due to commitments elsewhere become your rest days from training, and are automatically suited to your life schedule since they come when you truly need the time elsewhere, rather than when a schedule hammers them out.

You can also look at it this way: No schedule can accurately predict what you’ll be doing each day for months down the road. Quite simply, what The Method tells an athlete is rest when you need it.
Many amateur athletes spend the better part of their day physically recovering from their training at a desk or otherwise in their daily work. The Method accepts that most amateur athletes do not have the luxury of a daily routine dedicated to sport alone.

For this reason, The Method distinguishes between mental rest and physical rest. For example, a stressful work-travel day on which you can’t train may cause you much mental fatigue while your physical training systems have been resting. Consequently, that stressful day counts as a rest day, even though you might be tired from it.

Keep in mind that everything is relative in The Method training. The hormonal context in which The Method places you determines how you ought to train subsequently. If the stressful travel day
comes on top of a lot of other stress in your life, it can create a significant catabolic experience for your body. In this situation, The Method’s approach advises you to avoid endurance work or excessive lactate-tolerance training immediately following or during this (or other) high-stress period.

After taking a day off, be smart when getting back into the training. If circumstances required you to rest, use these simple rules to get back on the plan:

* Add some volume to the start of the workout in order to kick start your body again before trying any intensity. You don’t want to go too hard while being too rested. Rather, add volume to tire yourself a little bit without pushing the intensity. Then do your intervals. For example, add 30 minutes of easy running before the main set.

* If you are a performance-oriented athlete, then take an easy day in each of the sports after your day off. The reason is that you probably needed the day off due to deep fatigue levels, and the extra bit of easy training will help you recover back to normal fatigue levels. Then you’re most likely good to go again!

Learn how to read your body and stay consistent to your plan!

Enjoy your training,

Vinnie Santana,
ironguides Head Coach


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ironguides Bangkok – October 2021 Updates


ironguides Bangkok newsletter: Stay updated on what our group is up to!

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It’s been a while since we last trained together but we are excited to be relaunching our group sessions in Bangkok.

* The Warm Up (Head Coach Notes)
* For members only – reactivate your membership
* Members Updates: You are an Ironman! 2 inspiring first timers
* Welcome coaches Champ & David
* ironguides Training APP: All in one place
* Group Sessions are back!
* On your marks! Club races coming up
* Gear review – Best mask for exercising & wetsuit for the winter

Enjoy your training,

Visit ironguides Bangkok

The Warm Up (Head Coach Notes)

Dear Members,

The Warm Up (Head Coach Notes) is one of the changes of the ironguides relaunch I prepared for this new phase in our team.

Our sessions are resuming next week with a new schedule, adapted to the pandemic, we will make it as safe and as fun as possible. If you are a member, you will find below more information on how to activate your membership.

There has also been changes in our coaching team. As many of you may know, Coach Ivan had a bike fall which resulted in a surgery, it was special to see the ironguides community getting together to fund his recovery.

It was also a good time for both of us to revise our goals and we agreed to part ways, Coach Ivan will be focusing on his recovery, his racing and launching his own team and I wish him all the success in his new venture and we all thank him for his help while at ironguides. As Coach Ivan was under ironguides when most of you purchased your membership with him, I wanted to update about this change as well as ensure that we will maintain your membership status and access to our club, you may also check with him any benefits his old members may get with his new coaching business.

We are happy to welcome two coaching experts in their own field that will complement each other making our team bigger and stronger, more about Coaches Champ and David below. I will be more present at the sessions in this initial phase to ensure a smooth transition and I’m also now back fully managing ironguides Bangkok.

The lack of official races has taken a toll in our group motivation and consistency, so we are filling in the gap as the current restrictions do allow us to organize small events for our community.

We have also launched our training app, where you will have access to your training plan, monitor your performance as well as interact with other members who are doing the same training plan. How about using the message board to find members to train with? Or share information about the next race you are going to? The social wall is also a fun feature we can use to share photos and more casual information. In the training plan sections, the bike workouts are also based on power, so you can upload them on zwift or any other cycling app for higher quality workout. Check video below on how it works

There has also been some changes in our schedule and coaching coaching packages to accommodate these changes and services that we are providing, we have added more flexibility to our athletes.

And last not least, in the members updates we have a couple very inspiring stories, this is all about the team and the athletes!

Enjoy your training,
Vinnie Santana
ironguides Head Coach

Members Updates: `You are an Ironman!`

Races are back in Europe, we had 2 very inspiring performances and first timers Ironman finishes in September:

Andrea went from beginners lane in swimming to a 11h30 Ironman (with a 1h13 swim!) in 2 1/2 years @Ironman Italy

Congrats Roman Floesser @ Challenge Roth 10h49

Welcome Coaches Champ & David

Coach Champ – (Pipatpon Ingkanont) – ironguides Bangkok Triathlon Coach

Coach Champ is a former special force of the Thai army that is now finishing his master degree in Sports Science at the Chulalongkorn University. He is currently taking the ironguides coaching certification and has completed certification course level 1 and also holds certifications with Endure IQ.

He is also the Head Coach of Garmin run club Thailand and has helped dozens of triathletes and runners via workshops, classes and training camps.

As an elite triathlete, Champ is a 2x Ironman 70.3 World Championships Qualifier, 5x Ironman 70.3 Age Group Winner and has trained under some of the world’s best coaches including Olympians and Ironman World Champions.

Champ will coach most of the running sessions as well as help with other sessions, events and management of the team

Coach Champ

Coach David Milziner

A familiar face among the ironguides team, Coach David has coached our squad several times as a substitute as well as worked privately with some of our members, he is now our Swimming Coach.

David is a very experienced swimming instructor specializing in adult swimmers. A certified coach with Swimming Australia, Total Immersion Swimming and Conquer Your Fear of Water, he has helped several triathletes of all abilities to take their swim to the next level combining his experience on deck fixing swimmers strokes, his background as a competitive pool swimmer as well as several triathlon relays and open water swimming races, where he recently placed in the top 10 at the FINA World Championships Masters meet in Korea 2019 in the 3km open water event in his age group.

Coach David 

ironguides APP – ALL in one place

With our new app we have 3 mains goals:

Provide you a training plan & coaching support

All Training Plans are available in 2 loads, high and low (# of hours and training days) as well as 3 levels of workouts (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Plans available 
Ongoing Triathlon (short course & overall development)
Balanced Running (5, 10k & overall development)
16-weeks Ironman 70.3
20-weeks Ironman Full
Bike Development, Swim Run maintenance
Run Development, Swim Bike maintenance
Swim Development, Bike Run maintenance

How it works: Sign up for the plans package, fill in the questionnaire with goals & background, discuss with the coach your 3 month plan, start training. Watch our explainer video. 

Build an Online Community

The message board is more structure, a good place to find training buddies doing the same training plan and sessions as you on non-coached days. Organize trips to races or events. Stay updated on coaching announcements

The social wall is a casual place to exchange information such as racing opportunities, training photos, members updates.

Manage your Performance

A training log to manage and log your training information with special features such as performance calculators and training performance analysis

Desktop View of your training plan. Mobile version also available

Manage your Performance – Mobile Performance analysis

Online Community: Train together, Race together, share experiences online and offline

Watch App Explainer Video

Membership & Coaching Service Offers

Drop in Sessions (book & pay online, in advance)

  • Cost: 400 THB running sessions, 600 THB swimming sessions. Payment online, in advance (non-refundable)

3 Months – Sessions Only Membership: 2 options  

  • Run Sessions only: 2500 THB per 3 months
  • Run + Swim Sessions: 4500 THB per 3 months

Includes access to weekly sessions, ironguides member status (preferred pricing on events & apparel)

3 Months – Sessions + Training Plan + Coaching Access: 2 options  

  • Run Sessions only: 4500 THB per 3 months
  • Run + Swim Sessions: 6500 THB per 3 months

Includes access to training plans via app, quarterly email with Coach to structure your training plans, weekly sessions, ironguides member status (preferred pricing on events & apparel)

Personalized Coaching + Sessions:


  • Access to all sessions
  • Customized training plan
  • Weekly communication with your coach
  • Member status

Starts at 5.900thb/month (more)

Members Only! We need to confirm your membership status

Regarding the time left on your membership, and you can track it following the steps in this video using your login access on our homepage footer (if you can’t retrieve yours, reply to this email).  Memberships in our system are set for a 4th october start

We are offering our members 3 options – we need you to confirm via this form your preferred option:

a) Run Only Classes (+ bonus training plan and access to the ironguides app). This membership will run at a third of the usual rate (ie 20 days will be frozen monthly).

b) Swim + Run Classes (+ bonus training plan and access to the ironguides app). This membership will run at two third of the usual rate.

c) Maintain membership frozen until you are comfortable to come back to training

If you opt for option B, you will also need to select in the form one day to come swimming. Both days will offer the same workout, for now and all levels are welcome. Pick the day that best suits you.

Due to social distancing, lane space will be limited and sessions are from 6.45pm to 7.45pm as we need to be out of the facilities by 8pm.

We ask you to fill in this information until the end of tomorrow, October 1st  – if we dont hear from you, we will maintain the membership frozen by default – this will help us to confirm with members their swimming days (first come first served). Here is the form 

Reactivate my Membership

ironguides Races Series

The good news is that restrictions nows allows a max gathering of 25pax. We are now putting on our own club races while the official races don’t come back. This allows our team to stay motivated, fit, have fun and coming out ahead of the competition next season 😉

The next event is the ironguides Open Water swim team race 1.5km – there will be 2 teams with 12 athletes max per team. 2 races separate by level (12 athletes per race), your final ranking counts points for the team. Winning team get special prizes.

Team 1 has 6 athletes on the beginner race and experienced race
Team 2 has the same distribution.

1st place = 12 points
2nd place = 11 points
…10th place = 1 point

Slots limited to 20 swimmers, first come first served.
60 THB commitment fee for members (must still register entry time on google docs)
600 THB for drop in via our website then register entry time
Register now

Events Calendar

30th October: ironguides Collins Cup – Open Water swim team race 1.5km
20-21 November: Draft legal racing weekend (Saturday sprint & Sunday Olympic) – SOLD OUT
December event: TBC – keep training hard!

Race Registration


Coached Sessions at Racquet club 

  • Where: Racquet Club (Map below).
  • Time: 18.30-19.45pm (facilities close at 8pm)
  • Monday Technique & Beginners, Thursday sub 7`30 400m swimmers


  • Free for club members and coached athletes
  • 600thb for drop in athletes (book & pay online, in advance)


Weekly Coached Sessions

Where: National stadium (warm up 200m blue track )
When: Wednesdays @18.30-20.00
Session on the 13th (holidays) is ON! Let’s build some momentum Cost:

*Free for members & coached athletes
*400thb for drop in athletes  (book & pay online, in advance)


We are planning quarterly sessions at the velodrome which is currently closed, meanwhile refer to your training plan for a structured workout, you can download the sessions to Zwift or Trainerroad and upload to the app folder, they will appear under Custom workouts. More instructions in the members area of our app
Download file from the ironguides app and move to zwift folder
You can now let zwift guide your ironguides training

Velodrome Session (real world zwift!) – Coming up

Gear Review:

T8 Run Max O2 Running Mask

 T8 running masks is one equipment advice we’ve been suggesting to some of our athletes during this pandemic.100% breathable, possible even for some fast intervals at Lumpini or anywhere masks are required. Highly recommend it. You can get them on Lazada for 590thb pack with 2 masks

Men’s Vector Pro Fullsuit Special

65% off – Ironguides athletes

Get ready for the winter! Bangkok pools can get icy cold waters from November to January. I highly recommend investing in a wetsuit so you dont need to take a break from your swim training, and you never know when you can race overseas and need them. Wetsuits makes you about 8sec per 100m faster.

You can purchase a wetsuit and use a shipping forwarder such as to get it shipped to Thailand, you can get a Vortex suit suit+taxes+delivery all for less than 9k THB or the Vector pro for less than 11k. They often offer the same 65% that our discount code gets you, check their website, if there aren’t any promo, our discount code in the members area inside the app. Combine the swuit with a thick silicon swim cap and you are good to go in any cold water.

Sponsors & Discounts:


Find the discount code inside your training plan or login area

TRI-DASH THAILAND: 10% OFF at any event during 2021 – use our coupon code on the members area when registering for the race

UJAMU: 10% OFF at any event during 2021 – use our coupon code on the members area when registering for the race

XTERRA WETSUITS: 65% OFF at any event during 2021 – use our coupon code on the members area when registering for the race

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