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Video: How to stay swim fit with dryland Swimming

How to stay swim fit with dryland Swimming (exercises with elastic band)

to purchase the swim cordz on lazada thailand –

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Train with ironguides!

Personalized Online Coaching: Starting at USD190/month

Monthly Training plans (for all levels, or focused on one discipline): Only USD39/months

Event based training plans:

Sprint Distance (USD45 for 8-week plan)

Olympic Distance (USD65 for 12 week plan)

Half Ironman (R$95 for 16-week plan)

Ironman (USD145 for 20-week plan)

X-Terra (USD65 for 12-week plan)

Running Plans (10k, 21k and 42k – starting at USD40)


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5 Ways to become a Faster Triathlon Runner

Are you looking to improve on your triathlon run-splits?

It is widely-acknowledged that fast pure running capability does not necessarily translate to a fast run split in triathlon, several world class runners have tried it, only to post below average run splits on the bike. There are too many factors that goes on before the run part, that you have to be patient, and also learn them on training. There is the factor of nutrition, fitness and pacing on the bike and in the water, which ultimately will reflect on your ability to run.

And it is also a known fact in triathlon, that to be a good runner, you better have to be a strong cyclist and done plenty of training in the pool too. Let’s say for the sake of training article, you have done the job in your training in the pool and on the bike and have become an above-average swimmer and cyclist at the very least. Also, you have done your homework on nutrition and pacing.

So how do you improve as a Triathlon Runner?

1. Learn, Practice Proper Running Form
Run economy. From the sound of it, it will be too technical on the outset. But even if you do commit to the basic drills of run economy, you will earn the benefit, even before you start training hard on those run workouts. Working hard, and spending precious time on the road, with an improper form is not smart training. At ironguides, we always had advocated short strides, and faster cadence. This is the foundation, and when you become fitter and stronger, that stride will lengthen a bit, producing better run times, at the same fast cadence you had developed.

Additional benefit: Better run skills and technique also means you will be lesser-prone to injury.

2. Attack your Run PR.
Triathletes are a slave when it comes to going long. We don’t mean a marathon PR here, not even in half-mary. Brandishing that shiny new run form? Sign-up for a run-only race, and go short. I mean 5k-10k run races. These short races are good auditions for your new, updated run form. Try to focus on your form, and see where it takes you. These short run races will give a high-intensity work-out while not punishing your legs (unlike what a half-mary of marathon will do), requiring a longer recovery period. What more, if you ran it well, and hopefully, a new PR, is a good confidence-builder in the middle of your build period.

3. Smart Bricks
Your body, or your legs for the matter must know how to run on tired and beat up legs. The weird sensation you feel after hard biking, the faster you get over it in a race, the faster you can focus on just running. And there is no better way to train for it than having bricks incorporated on your weekly block of training. The more you insert Transition Runs (15-20 minute runs after a bike workout, focusing on proper cadence and form) in your schedule, the better you are at disposing the jello-legs feeling you experience after the bike.

If you’re up for a key weekend workout, Long Bricks are also essential if you want to transition to a better runner. Usually a long ride followed by a 5-10k run, this is more of race simulation workout, and a good confidence builder leading to a race. This demanding workout usually combine a long ride Saturday-long run Sunday into one, so make sure to allocate recovery for it appropriately.

Additional Tip: Race Duathlons! I know some triathletes just hate duathlons, for it usually take longer days for the legs to recover after a race. Joining a duathlon as a part of prep races for the A- race is usually a smart as long as done at the right schedule. The best runners in the business came from duathlon background, and it is a joy to watch when effortlessly outrun their competition in the run leg.

4. Run Trails and Hills

Running on a trail means dirt road, and is usually way forgiving than the usual asphalt or worst, cemented surfaces that we do on our usual runs. Moreover, running on a trail means every step will be different, and will require more muscle recruitment, and even engaging your core. If done carefully, trail running will improve your stability as a runner, way more than running in a repetitive straight road running.

Bored with mundane run intervals, go substitute a weekly workout with this and you will immediately feel they can be as punishing as those intervals, or more.. How can slow, uphill run be so damn hard? They require more muscle recruitment firing up calves, hams and core immediately with every step up. Think of unlimited lunges, and spiking your heart rate just like intervals do. It is like a leg strength workout plus anaerobic workout combine into one.

Caution: If you are an inexperienced trail runner, don’t go extreme at first. Find a suitable trail course apt for your experience. Also, it is wise to run with someone who is familiar with the trail course. And make sure the path is relatively clear of roots and large rocks as it is easy to twist an ankle off-road.

5. Tweak your Long Runs

• Easy Long Runs

There are times when age groupers get lazy and they treat their long runs one and the same. Easy runs that are at a moderate to high effort, makes them tired and sluggish the day after.

There is a run training adage that says make your easy days easier, and your hard days harder. Anything moderately paced is counterproductive.

Think of the easy long runs as time on your feet, especially when you are gunning for middle to longer distance triathlons. These are supposed to build your body’s capability to handle physical discomfort, increase the quantity and size of mitochondria, improving oxygen use and glycogen storage.

Easy doesn’t necessarily means slow. Always focus on a good form and fast leg turnover. Consider also breaking your long run down in shorter repeats of 5 to 10min long with 1-2 min rest in between, this will allow you to run at a faster pace and appropriate technique, with the same easy aerobic load.

• Long Run Simulation
Say you are training for a half-distance triathlon, and you are on your race-specific period of your program. This simulation will require you to run a little bit faster than your goal pace for the 21km run of your half-distance race. Also, say the hydration stations in the race are 2km apart, and you plan to brisk walk to grab drinks and sponges, this will be simulated to as walking breaks for the workout.
*2km at easy (20-30 seconds slower per km), 3x 2km at goal pace, and 3x 2km at 10-15 seconds faster per km than Goal pace) 2km easy cooldown. 20-30 seconds walking rest in between reps.
This is a good simulation of your triathlon run, and will gauge if you can hold your goal pace at your race. As with any simulation, best to workout with your preferred nutrition and apparel you will use on your race. Race simulations will let you know how ready you are, and at the same time, fine tuning your final preparations.

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Ironguides Bangkok: January 2021 (Lockdown Updates)

ironguides Bangkok newsletter: Stay updated on what our group is up to!

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Dear athletes, below updates for upcoming weeks/months of lockdown:

* Group sessions only on weekends
* Swimmimg classes at Raquet cancelled
* Run track sessions cancelled
* Group rides on weekends
* Virtual bike sessions on zwift every Tuesday and Thursday 18:40-20:00
* One and three months membership packages with 50% discount (new
* We got a camp and or a race on March 7th 
* For timely updates follow our Facebook page

Enjoy your training,

Members Updates 

Bike focus, lockdown plan.

We create 2 options for our members:

Option 1. Freeze memberships 50% with 3 weekly sessions.
Tuesday: Zwift meet up (hill repeats) 18:40-20:00
Thursdsday: Zwift meet up (VO2max repeats) 18:40-20:00
Saturday: Group ride+short run off as option (Beginner group), 7am
Sunday: Group ride + short run off as option (Advance group), 7am
Option 2. Freeze memberships for lockdown period but access to virtual zwift meet ups.

Non members. Drop in option still available as weekly package.

Cost: 600 thb
Package include: 1 group ride in one of the day ( Saturday beginner group or Sunday advance group ) + 2 virtual bike sessions on Zwift.

Last race weekend of 2020 brought few podium spots for Ironguides squad both in Ranong and Bangkok 

2 overall podiums and few age group awards for the team in Ranong.

Seems Navy triathlon will be "A" race in the first quater of 2021. 

Meantime in Bangkok Kipsan Beck proved that he is ''king of dash'' with top 3 finishes over weekend, on Saturday Dash distance and Sunday – Long Dash. Also taking overall win by points at GC for 2020 season!!

Not to forget about our new Ironguides athlete, who join our squad early 2020 and getting award "Rockie of the year" – k'Gam
(18min improvement on the same course). Keep it up!

Even with less race in the schedule its important to keep training regulary and consistently. When race pop up – you ready to smash it!

Weekly virtual bike session on Zwift 

We keep our weekly virtual meet-ups on Zwift leading by coach Ivan Vlasenko

Every Tuesday and Thursday: Ironguides meet up on Zwift, 18:40 (80min, main set: short intervals/hill repeats 30-180sec to improve your VO2max)

How it works: 
You need Zwift membership and the right set-up at home, ideally including a smart trainer with resistance and the Zwift Companion app on your phone.
In order to be able to join the meet-up, you need to follow "Ivan Vlasenko" on Zwift and Zwift Companion Application.
Once you follow  he will be able to invite you for a “meet-up”, and you need to accept the invitation in the app. It will appear in your planned events in the app.
You must connect to Zwift and start riding by yourself by clicking on "ride" at least 5 minutes before the official starting time. You can select any map, it does not matter. DO NOT click on "Ride with Ivan Vlasenko" on the menu page, else you might miss the official meet-up.

Once "in the game", you should be able to click on “join Ivan Vlasenko’s meet-up” on the bottom left of the screen. The blue button will appear 5 minutes before the start of the meet-up. We will all be cycling on the Zwift stationary trainer for a few minutes until the official start time, use this as a warm-up and make sure you are ready for the ride (water, food, towels, fan, AC etc).


Coached Sessions at Racquet club 

CANCELLED during lockdown period

  • Where: Racquet Club (Map below).
  • Time: 7.30pm-8.50pm
  • Monday and Thursday, Advanced and Beginner levels. 


  • Free for club members and coached athletes (2x a week)
  • 600thb for drop in athletes (book & pay online, in advance)


Group ride bike sessions every weekend.


Where: Meeting point seven-eleven near Ban Thap Chang Airport link station ( location )

When: Saturday and Sunday @7:00-10:00am 

Note: please note our first group ride Sunday, 10th January for both levels. Coach Vinnie will lead advance group and coach Ivan will lead beginner group. 

*Free for club members
*600thb for drop in athletes as weekly package, including access to Zwift meet up  (book & pay online, in advance)



Weekly Coached Sessions

Run group sessions cancelled during lockdown period

Where: Thephasadin track
When: Tuesdays @6.30-7.50pm


*Free for club members & coached athletes
*350thb for drop in athletes  (book & pay online, in advance)


Open Water Swim+Run Session @Taco Lake

Coached sessions

Open water group sessions cancellend during lockdown period

Open water swim session 
0815-0830 – Arrival & Gear prep
0830-0900 – Warm up (800 to 1100m or open water skills workshop)
0915-1000 – main set

Total distances (approx):
Beginner – 1,600m
Intermediate – 2,000m
Advanced – 2,500m

-600THB (book here)
-Includes access to the lake, a personal safety buoy, locker & shower. 

*Taco lake is ~1h drive from Central BKK


Ironguides social dinner on 23rd December

Squad celebrating end of the 2020 year and wishing a sporty year ahead 

Membership & Coaching Service Offers

Drop in Sessions (book & pay online, in advance)

  • Cost: 350thb run & cycling, 600thb swim sessions. Payment in advance, non-refundable due to limited slots per class.

Triathlon Club Membership – 3 options  

  • 1 month membership: 2500thb
  • 3 months membership: 6900thb
  • 6 months membership: 11900thb

Includes access to weekly swim, bike, run sessions, training plans library, article & apparel/helmet voucher. (more)

Personalized Coaching:


  • Access to all sessions
  • Personalized training plan
  • Email with your coach
  • Apparel voucher

Starts at 5.900thb/month (more)

We got a race on weekend of March 7th!   

We want you to stay focused and motivated with a race in the first quarter of 2021.

Commit to race on March 7th, if all goes well, the TOA race at Sam Roi Yot (Sprint, Olympic or Duathlon), however as a back up, we are also setting up a training camp on that same weekend, at that same venue, which includes a Duathlon Race simulation on day 2 and a long ride + swimrun on day 1. Registrations will open depending on travel & other restrictions as well as the status of the TOA event. More updates on the ironguides FB group

Distances for the Duathlon Race Simulation: 6.5k run + 44k bike (or 22k for beginners) + 6.5k run

Photo: Sam Roi Yot Camp Venue (from our camp in Jan.2020)

More information – or 

Sponsors & Discounts: 

Bix vitamins 

Special 15% discount for Ironguides athletes. Get your code from coach Ivan!

Training and racing gear:

Online shop "Sport360" and Compressport Thailand offering you off season deal (buy 2 get 1 free), use promocode ivans360 and get another 10% off


Find the discount code inside your training plan / login area:

TRI-DASH THAILAND: 10% OFF at any event during 2020 – use our coupon code on the members area when registering for the race


 Training Plan library 

Training Plans library updated (workouts in 3 levels Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced):

* 9 Training plans (3 distances in 3 levels): 
Ironman, Half Ironman, Short Course & Duathlon training plans available 

* Documents:
-11-page Ironman 70.3 race manual
-Traveling guidelines, Big day – Race simulation workout.
-21 race workouts to your short course plan, ironman recovery guidelines
-guidelines on nutrition, recovery, stress & core training

Access training plan area and sponsor discount codes HERE


Canned Training Plans now in THAI language

โปรแกรมฝึก (ไทย) หรือ คลิก เพื่อดูภาษาอังกฤษ. Training Plans (in Thai) or click here for training plans in English ironguides มีโปรแกรมฝึกที่เหมาะสมกับประสบการณ์และรายการแข่งที่คุณตั้งไว้เป็นเป้าหมาย ทุกโปรแกรมที่ตั้งอยู่บนหลักของ The Method ™ ให้รายละเอียดสำหรับแต่ละครั้งการฝึกสำหรับระยะเวลาที่ดีที่สุดในการเตรียมตัวเพื่อให้คุณอยู่ที่จุดสตาร์ดด้วยความรู้สึกที่ฟิต สุขภาพดี และมีความมั่นใจ

Online Booking system for drop in classes   

Online Booking system for drop in athletes

In order to maintain quality of our sessions as our group grows, we now require advanced booking for drop in athletes via our website – it's a very easy and simple system and takes less than 2 minutes. Please understand that no more cash payments will be accepted. Note that tri-club members aren't required to book their presence.

The aim is to increase workout quality to club members while still providing the opportunity for non-members to come in casually & allowing new athletes to try out.

How to make your booking online:

1) Access > booking option is on the top of the page > Select desired class

2) Select date > Confirm availability > Fill in name + email > Send

3) Confirm details > finalize payment via paypal > receive confirmation email. No refund since when you book a class you take one limited slot.



 Maps – Squad location

Racquet Club @google map – Map 1

Racquet Club Map 2

Running Track by National Stadium BTS (next to MBK)


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