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Consistency is the Key to Improvement

Consistency and Repetition are the big secrets to all the top triathletes out there. If you were looking for a magic formula or a short cut to success I’m afraid to tell you there is none.

But that’s what I like about our sport – it embodies and rewards the good old fashioned values of hard work, dedication and sacrifice.


Train every day (and sometimes twice a day).

Don’t plan for 2 or 3 large ‘hard-core’ sessions in the week because these will leave you too wiped out to train the next day. The sudden shock to the system and muscle soreness from a killer session will convince you that you deserve a “Pat on the back” Day Off. Your body will indeed rest and recover and you will find yourself fresh again the next day to push (too) hard, again, through another mammoth session. This sets up a cycle of one day on/ one day off – which effectively halves your training time. .

Same goes for taking that mandatory rest day once a week (I blame runners). If you need this break to maintain balance in your life, that’s fine, but doing a little bit every day is the best way to build a sustainable level of ‘background fatigue’. The idea of building fatigue may sound counter-intuitive to some of you but the truth is that your body adapts (gets fitter) better when it is worked in an already pre-fatigued state. This is how to build endurance fitness – after all, isn’t out sport about becoming fatigue resistant?

Life will inadvertently throw you curve balls- an extra heavy day at work, a sick child, an urgent errand, – that will eat into your training time and prevent you from getting that day’s session in. Take that as your rest day instead!

Remember that convenience is KEY. As a time strapped age-grouper, work your sessions into your daily routine. This is your best chance of maintaining some form regularity.Train close to, or en route, to home or work. Map out a 2km running loop around the car park at work for those threshold intervals instead of making that special trip halfway across town to the track/ gym. As long as you have your running gear stashed away in a bag in your car/ drawer at work you can nip out and get it done.


Learn to love repetition.

My athletes stay on the same plan, doing the same sessions every week for at least 8 weeks. While this may seem like a long time, repetition is one of the cornerstones to a being successful at triathlon.

If you’re paying attention while training, it takes at least 3 – 4 weeks of repeating the same set to ‘get it’ – to understand how to execute the set well and what exactly the session is teaching your body to do. You also understand much better the recovery demands it makes on your body.

Before layering on the intensity and going balls out, your 1st task, when trying a new session is simply to complete it as best as you can, aiming for a ‘safe’ completion.  The 1st couple of times you do a new set it’s always trial and error anyway.

Only after you ‘get it’, when your body has started to adapt to the physical demands and your brain already knows what to expect, then can you start layering on the intensity So while completing the set has become second nature, executing the set better each time becomes the continual challenge- and this is when the real gains come!A repeatable 3 – 5 seconds off a 400m run interval/ 10 watt average power increase over a 15 min Time Trail on the bike- small but significant improvements and good indications that you are headed in the right direction.

Repetition allows you to control the variables in training and leads you to ask the important questions –

  1. How did I complete this set last week?
  2. How can I do it better this week?
  3. Do I need to adjust for how I am feeling today? Am I fatigued or stressed out?Do I need to dial down the intensity to complete the session?

Start by putting together a reasonable and balanced weekly training schedule that you have a realistic chance of completing. It should take into account your available training time, the facilities close to you,  your strengths and weaknesses, your history in the sport and of course your biggest and wildest triathlon dream goals.

For some triathletes these 2 principals may sound dry and monotonous but if you are looking to improve your triathlon performance, I encourage you to stay open-minded and curious about “The Method” and you’ll soon discover a whole new way of enjoying your training.


How to be Good at Triathlon

By Shem Leong

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Ironguides Bangkok – April 2021 Updates



ironguides Bangkok newsletter: Stay updated on what our group is up to!

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Dear athletes, below updates for training in April:

* We add second weekly swim for our athletes
* Swimming classes at Raquet club on Monday and Thursday, 19:30
* Run track sessions on Tuesday, 18:30 (Thephasadin track)
* Virtual bike sessions on Zwift on Wednesday, 18:40
* Monthly Sky Lane session confirmed on 4th April, 7:30am
* Sessions cancelled 12-15th April – Songkran holidays
* For timely updates follow our Facebook page

Enjoy your training,

Members Updates 

 Sessions cancelled on 12,13,14 and 15th April – Songkran holidays

Swim at Raquet club.

Weekly classes on Monday and Thursday, 19:30-20:50 for all levels

Run Track at Thephasadin stadium
Every Tuesday 18:30

Virtual bike session on Zwift 
We keep our meet ups on Zwift every Wednesday 18:40.

Monthly Sky Lane session 

Brik (run+bike) session confirmed on 4th April, 7:30am

Non members. Drop in option available as

1) Swim session at Raquet club
Cost: 600 thb
2) Run session at Thephasadin track
Cost: 350 thb
3) Brik session at Sky Lane
Cost: 350 thb

Weekly virtual bike session on Zwift 

We keep our weekly virtual meet-ups on Zwift leading by coach Ivan Vlasenko

Every Wednesday Ironguides meet up on Zwift, 18:40 (80min, main set: short intervals/hill repeats 30-180sec to improve your VO2max)

How it works: 
You need Zwift membership and the right set-up at home, ideally including a smart trainer with resistance and the Zwift Companion app on your phone.
In order to be able to join the meet-up, you need to follow “Ivan Vlasenko” on Zwift and Zwift Companion Application.
Once you follow  he will be able to invite you for a “meet-up”, and you need to accept the invitation in the app. It will appear in your planned events in the app.
You must connect to Zwift and start riding by yourself by clicking on “ride” at least 5 minutes before the official starting time. You can select any map, it does not matter. DO NOT click on “Ride with Ivan Vlasenko” on the menu page, else you might miss the official meet-up.

Once “in the game”, you should be able to click on “join Ivan Vlasenko’s meet-up” on the bottom left of the screen. The blue button will appear 5 minutes before the start of the meet-up. We will all be cycling on the Zwift stationary trainer for a few minutes until the official start time, use this as a warm-up and make sure you are ready for the ride (water, food, towels, fan, AC etc).


Weekly Coached Sessions

Where: National stadium (Thephasadin track)
When: Tuesday @18.30-20.00Cost:

*Free for club members & coached athletes
*350thb for drop in athletes  (book & pay online, in advance)


Coached Sessions at Racquet club 

  • Where: Racquet Club (Map below).
  • Time:19:30-20:50
  • Monday  and Thursday for all levels  


  • Free for club members and coached athletes (2x a week)
  • 600thb for drop in athletes (book & pay online, in advance)

Open Water Swim+Run Session @Taco Lake

Please note, open water swim session cancelled in April due Songkran holidays and Navy triathlon

Open water swim session 
0815-0830 – Arrival & Gear prep
0830-0900 – Warm up (800 to 1100m or open water skills workshop)
0915-1000 – main set
10:00 Short run off the swim
Total distances (approx):
Beginner – 1,600m
Intermediate – 2,000m
Advanced – 3000m

-600THB (book here)
-Includes access to the lake, a personal safety buoy, locker & shower.

*Taco lake is ~1h drive from Central BKK


Monthly coached bike session at Sky LaneDate:

4th April, Sunday

Where: Happy and Healthy Bike Lane
When: Sunday 7:30am

Note: bring your running shoes

*Free for club members
*350thb for drop in athletes

Membership & Coaching Service Offers

Drop in Sessions (book & pay online, in advance)

  • Cost: 350thb run & cycling, 600thb swim sessions. Payment in advance, non-refundable due to limited slots per class.

Triathlon Club Membership – 3 options  

  • 1 month membership: 2500thb
  • 3 months membership: 6900thb
  • 6 months membership: 11900thb

Includes access to weekly swim, bike, run sessions, training plans library, article & apparel/helmet voucher. (more)

Personalized Coaching:


  • Access to all sessions
  • Personalized training plan
  • Email with your coach
  • Apparel voucher

Starts at 5.900thb/month (more)

Sponsors & Discounts: 

Bix vitamins 

Special 15% discount for Ironguides athletes. Get your code from coach Ivan!

Training and racing gear:

Online shop “Sport360” offering you summer season deal (10% discount), use promocode ivans360


Find the discount code inside your training plan / login area:

TRI-DASH THAILAND: 10% OFF at any event during 2021 – use our coupon code on the members area when registering for the race
Get your code from coach Ivan

 Training Plan library 

Training Plans library updated (workouts in 3 levels Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced):

* 9 Training plans (3 distances in 3 levels): 
Ironman, Half Ironman, Short Course & Duathlon training plans available

* Documents:
-11-page Ironman 70.3 race manual
-Traveling guidelines, Big day – Race simulation workout.
-21 race workouts to your short course plan, ironman recovery guidelines
-guidelines on nutrition, recovery, stress & core training

Access training plan area and sponsor discount codes HERE

Canned Training Plans now in THAI language

โปรแกรมฝึก (ไทย) หรือ คลิก เพื่อดูภาษาอังกฤษ. Training Plans (in Thai) or click here for training plans in English ironguides มีโปรแกรมฝึกที่เหมาะสมกับประสบการณ์และรายการแข่งที่คุณตั้งไว้เป็นเป้าหมาย ทุกโปรแกรมที่ตั้งอยู่บนหลักของ The Method ™ ให้รายละเอียดสำหรับแต่ละครั้งการฝึกสำหรับระยะเวลาที่ดีที่สุดในการเตรียมตัวเพื่อให้คุณอยู่ที่จุดสตาร์ดด้วยความรู้สึกที่ฟิต สุขภาพดี และมีความมั่นใจ

5km Ironguides open Championship

Next edition – May 2021

Where: Lumpini park (meeting point: 200m from the entrance @Suan Lumphini school (Witthayu road)

Date: to be announce

18:45 – arrive,
18:50 – 19:25 Warm up run 4-7km

19:30 Beginner group start 2×2,5km
19:35 Intermediate group start 2×2,5km
19:40 Advance group start 2×2,5km
20:00-20:15 Cool down 2,5km

Total session volume: beginner group ~12km, intermediate and advance ~15km

*Free for club members & coached athletes
*350thb for drop in athletes (book & pay online)


Online Booking system for drop in classes   

Online Booking system for drop in athletes

In order to maintain quality of our sessions as our group grows, we now require advanced booking for drop in athletes via our website – it’s a very easy and simple system and takes less than 2 minutes. Please understand that no more cash payments will be accepted. Note that tri-club members aren’t required to book their presence.

The aim is to increase workout quality to club members while still providing the opportunity for non-members to come in casually & allowing new athletes to try out.

How to make your booking online:

1) Access > booking option is on the top of the page > Select desired class

2) Select date > Confirm availability > Fill in name + email > Send

3) Confirm details > finalize payment via paypal > receive confirmation email. No refund since when you book a class you take one limited slot.

 Maps – Squad location

Racquet Club @google map – Map 1

Racquet Club Map 2

Running Track by National Stadium BTS (next to MBK)


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