We are extremely proud to partner with Bollox as our gel sponsor for the 2018 season!

How do our members benefit?

*Free box of Bollox gels for 12 months membership starting on 1st March 2018
*Chance to win a box of Bollox gels at our socials via the luckydraw (starting this weekend!)

Bollox Ltd is a developer of affordable sports nutrition that is exclusively distributed on e-commerce platforms. Our signature product, Bollox Energy Gel, is a home delivered no-frills-energy gel with 100 Calories for half the money people spend on most established brands.
The fruit-cherry flavored gel is developed in collaboration with the school of Applied Food Science & Nutrition of Temasek Polytech in Singapore and the world-famous multiple triathlon and Ironman world champion Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack.


The combination of ingredients in Bollox provides a powerful energy boost. Significant scientific research has been carried out to prove the stimulating effects of the Bollox nutrient mix. The 3 main ingredient groups are 1) fructose and maltodextrine in a 0.8:1 ratio, 2) Na, K and Mg electrolytes and 3) taurine to delay the onset of fatigue. Bollox is simply effective and affordable and our doorstep deliveries will help endurance athletes manage their hectic daily schedules.

Bollox! No Frills. Just Energy!

Learn more about Bollox and shop it at https://bolloxenergy.com/


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