PHUKET, THAILAND – Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, Asia’s premier sports centre for world-class training and in partnership with Ironguides, has officially launched Thanyapura Online Triathlon Coaching – a service which extends Thanyapura’s and Ironguide’s commitment to provide world-class training guidance and support to goal-oriented triathletes all over the globe.

“This is a collaboration like no other here in Asia.  The sport of triathlon is booming here, with concurrent addition of triathlon events in the region.  Thanyapura is right where it should be in providing athletes with the necessary facilities to aid in athlete performance.  With Ironguides working with Thanyapura in its online coaching platform, we can reach and support many goal-minded triathletes all over the world,” said Vinnie Santana, ironguides head coach.

Ironguides, a Bangkok-based company with over 10 years’ experience coaching athletes of all levels, has been guiding triathletes online – from professional Ironman champions to first-time triathletes.  With this collaboration, Thanyapura’s expert triathlon coaches provide valuable knowledge and insights online, where triathletes can access professional coaching from the experienced coaching team.

The Thanyapura Triathlon Team won 12 titles in the 2016 Asian professional racing.  World-class professional triathletes such as the 2-time Ironman 70.3 World Champion Michael Raelert and multiple Ironman and Challenge Champion Fredrik Croneberg held their training camps at Thanyapura’s facilities.

Triathletes who trained at Thanyapura have the opportunity to continue their improvement by having direct and responsive online communication with the coaches who trained them onsite.

With the growing popularity of triathlon in Asia and the world, there is a huge need for structured guidance for triathletes.  With Thanyapura Online Triathlon Coaching, triathletes have access to training programmes to suit their varying needs, from trying to gain a podium spot, age-groupers trying to beat their personal records, down to beginners who want to finish their races in the best possible way.

The online facility aims to help the sport’s newcomers, time-starved triathlon enthusiasts and intermediate to advanced athletes with demanding challenges and goals.

Triathletes who sign up with the programme learn more about training time management, technique improvements for swimming, biking and running, as well as improved physical ability, race strategy and tactics.

Athletes can purchase set training plans based on ability and race distance in English and Thai languages.

The expert team of coaches in this online coaching facilities bring different sets of unique skills and specialities to all the training programmes.  They are:

  • Ricky Phanthip, Head Coach of Triathlon
  • David Escolar Ballesteros, Swimming and Triathlon Coach
  • Tom Topham, Sports Scientist and Personal Trainer

“Thanyapura’s Online Triathlon Coaching adds in another element of online coaching.  It goes beyond the online aspects as athletes can visit their coach to train in one of the best sports facilities in Asia.  The coaches at Thanyapura are always exposed to some of the best training methods through elite triathlon coaches and athletes visiting our sports complex,” said Alexandra Lochmatter, Director of Business Development.

Aside from the Thanyapura coaching team, the partnership is supplemented with Ironguides coaches based in Bangkok and Singapore.

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