Previously, my entries on the journey of “The Ironman Dad Life” have been about the joy and wonder of discovering how to balance my work, my passion for the triathlon life and and my ever growing love for our young family. This time around, it’s about the disappointments that can come with it.

I’ve pulled out of Vietnam 70.3 because the ‘simple’ family vacation that I had in mind, in reality, was not going to be simple to pull off at all. Going alone was never an option because I’m not going to leave Mel on her own to care for Emma (2.5) and Jonah (1) for the better part of 4 days. This was a bitter pill to swallow as race fees had been paid and I am in OK shape and hungry to give it everything on the day.

But I take comfort knowing that this decision is line with the promise that I had set for myself from the very start; That Triathlon should always enrich my life, and shape me to be better husband and now father, and never take away from it.

So the video is of me thrashing out 100 metres and leaving my frustrations in the Endless Pool, while working on my ‘head down’ position so that I can smash the next time I get to race.
The Ironman Dad Life – there’s no other way.


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