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Training Plan – Semester 1 : January – March

Semester 1 : January – March


This programme is designed to help provide structure to your running training week. You may post questions to me at

The programme below should be done at your ability level:
Beginners: 10km @ 65++ mins
Intermediate: 10km @ 50 – 65 mins
Advanced: 10km below 50 mins
If in doubt always do the easier level as your 1st priorty is to training consistently.

It is also important to learn how to gauge your perceived effort level instead of relying on the pace on your watch because-
1) You will eventually develop an intituive ability to pace yourself accroding to the distance required.
2) You will automatically ‘buffer’ your intensity levels for varying levels of backgroud fatigue
3) You will be more confident in managing the dynamics of raceday conditions.

In this programme, will refer to 5 distinct

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16 Sept – 2 Dec 2015

Phase One (6 wks)


This 12 week programme is desigend for runners of all abilities who wish to complete in a 10km or Half Marathon towards at the tail end of the year. The entire is programme is divided into 2 halves.

Part One (below) focuses on developing Strength, Speed and Stride Rate while clocking some easy mileage for a sound aerobic base. While Part Two, to be refreshed after 6 weeks,  is race- specific, where you piece together all the different elements for a successful race.

The programme below

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Roll of Honour

Our continual journey towards Simplicity, Discovery and Growth. Some results of hard work and commitment to The Method.
Your Best is our Business.


Greg Unsworth
– Ironman Switzerland 2010 – 9: 58

Peter Crawley
– Ironman South Africa 2013 – 10: 54 – 1st Ironman

Roberto Carfagno
– Ironman NewZealand 2014 – 11’08 – 1st Ironman

Elvia Suryadi
– Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya – 2014 AG 2nd
– Port Dickson International triathlon – 2014 AG 3rd
– Bintan Triathlon OD – 2014 AG 3rd
– Metaman Half Ironman 2014 – AG 2nd
– Port Dickson International Triathlon 2013 – AG 1st
– Bintan Triathlon 2013 – 2nd Overall
– Ironman 70.3 Philippines 2010 – AG 2nd
– Trifactor OD – 2009 – 2nd overall

Sridhar Venkataraman
– Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya 2015 – AG 2nd – 1st Half Ironman

Ben Hecksher
– Ironman 70.3 Western Australia 2015 – 4:31

Paul MaCalman
– Desaru 113 2015 – AG 2nd
– Penang International Triathlon – AG 2nd

Lakruwan Wijesiri
– Port Dickson International Triathlon 2014 – AG 1st
– Lake Kenyir International Triathlon 2015 – AG 1st
– Singapore Triathlon Sprint 2015 – AG 2nd

Matthias Berger
– Ironman 70.3 Cebu 2015 – 4’44

Haytham El-Ansery
– Ironman 70.3 Western Australia 2015 – 4’48

Jeremy Snoad
– Metasporint Series Duathlon 2014 – AG 1st
– Metasprint Series Triathlon 2014 – AG 1st
– Metaman Half Ironman Distance 2014 – AG 1st
– ITU Long Course World Championship 2014 – AG 2nd
– Challenge Phuket 2014 – AG 2nd
– Metasprint Aquathalon 2015 – AG 2nd
– Matasprint Duathalon 2015 – AG 2nd
– Metasprint Triathlon 2015 – AG 1st

Israel Galan
– Ironman 70.3 Cebu 2015 – 5:08 – World Championship Qualifier

Khoon Hsing Ling
– 2015 Singapore Triathlon OD – AG 1st

Megan Gray
– 2015 Singapore Triathlon Sprint – AG 1st

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The Ironman Dad Life – there’s no other way

Previously, my entries on the journey of “The Ironman Dad Life” have been about the joy and wonder of discovering how to balance my work, my passion for the triathlon life and and my ever growing love for our young family. This time around, it’s about the disappointments that can come with it.

I’ve pulled out of Vietnam 70.3 because the ‘simple’ family vacation that I had in mind, in reality, was not going to be simple to pull off at all. Going alone was never an option because I’m not going to leave Mel on her own to care for Emma (2.5) and Jonah (1) for the better part of 4 days. This was a bitter pill to swallow as race fees had been paid and I am in OK shape and hungry to give it everything on the day.

But I take comfort knowing that this decision is line with the promise that I had set for myself from the very start; That Triathlon should always enrich my life, and shape me to be better husband and now father, and never take away from it.

So the video is of me thrashing out 100 metres and leaving my frustrations in the Endless Pool, while working on my ‘head down’ position so that I can smash the next time I get to race.
The Ironman Dad Life – there’s no other way.

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ironguides: the e-kick March 2015

Our March newsletter focuses on run training! 

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March 2015

Dear athletes,

Need some more tips to improve your run? Want to focus more on your run?  Our focus this month is on the run, with articles from the coaches to the training plans.

Enjoy the read,
ironguides team


Articles from the Coaches

Coach Shem:   A Beginners Guide to Triathlon Run
The ONLY way to improve run performance is to develop the other important physiological systems of strength, leg speed and tolerance. (more)

Coach Vinnie: The Complete Guide to for Triathlon Running – How to Train and Race

The run leg of a triathlon is generally seen as a relationship of “love or hate” by athletes. The article is a guide for both the experienced or beginner runner. You will learn about the main running workouts within a specific training schedule for triathlon and you will also learn the best race day strategy according to your background, body type and swim/ bike fitness.  (more)

 Coach Woody: Speed: A Key Skill for Every Endurance Athlete

In endurance sports it seems almost set in stone that any program must start with building a base, aimed at spending all available training time logging slow easy miles to build aerobic fitness. This practice has even created a paranoia and fear of speed sessions and interval work.(more)

Profiles:  Leonardo Moreira

This article is about the training strategy that took ironguides athlete Leonardo Moreira to an age group win at Ironman Brazil 2011. It explains the strategies we used to win the M40-44 age group and finish in 9hr 03, a 19-minute PB for Leonardo. (more)


Specific Race Plans

ironguides has launched specific training plans for some of our readers favorite Ironman races. The plans were designed based on the conditions and needs of each course and will provide our athletes specific sessions that will get them race ready – Learn more about each plan:

Ironman Malaysia – English Language: Learn more, sales through our partner

Ironman Florianopolis – Portuguese language only : Learn more


Ironman Fortaleza – Portuguese language only: Learn more

New from ironguides: advanced level canned training plans

If you are a high performance amateur triathlete but you can’t afford hiring a coach, you have now the option to buy our advanced level canned training plans.

Learn more: 

Coaching Service Offers

Intermediate Coaching: Fit Rookie

So you’re an athlete who is too fit to be considered a complete beginner from an aerobic standpoint. Your background is a single-discipline sport. You might be a cyclist, whether a roadie or a mountain biker, a rower or a runner who is intrigued by the idea of trying triathlon. You might be a swimmer and, if so, consider yourself lucky because that’s typically the discipline novice triathletes lack any experience in.
"As a runner, the thought of doing a triathlon had something mythical to it. I had only recently learned to swim freestyle (when my son started swimming), and never taken up cycling as a sport. To get me there, I asked ironguides to coach me and got started on my journey, following my coach’s training plans and giving him weekly feedback, which kept me disciplined. I really got a kick from the variety in training and the gradual improvements and increase in confidence in the water and on the bike I experienced. Whatever “The Method” is, it works 🙂."
Rudolf Gildemeister, ironguides Athlete, runner turned triathlete

Monthly Subscriptions: Run Focus

The ironguides Run Focus Triathlon Training Subscription plan is designed to develop your triathlon run skills while maintaining or improving swim and bike performance, using the structure and principles The Method to maximize the quality of your training and recovery.


“I’ve always been self-coached but didn’t want the commitment of a coach while I was interested in following a structure that works. The subscription service is a great idea as I’m still able to train using The Method, while it fits my budget and gives me flexibility to change the focus from single discipline to the balanced programme as I progress into the season"
Keegan Scott

Free eBook: ironguides' Triathlon Secrets, a superb tri resource

Download ironguides' free ebook Triathlon Secrets and discover the secrets of Olympic medalists and Ironman champions.

Excerpts from Triathlon Secrets:

 … an obsession with data took hold of me and began to displace the spontaneous joy I used to experience in training…

…The Method meant learning to read the body's signals and knowing to trust one's own intuitive understanding…

…enables you to develop a broad feel for the workings of your body. Like life, training by The Method is a qualitative experience!

…don't waste time or energy readjusting to new, haphazard sessions and reconfiguring weekly schedules…

…train to maximum efficiency (for your situation) while optimizing recovery… [more]


Tri Gear: 2014 tritop now available

ironguides has new tritop available! Check the photos out below or download our catalogue for more details. 

Tritops – price
ironguides coached athlete price 55 USD
non coached athlete 75 USD

Bike jersey – price
ironguides coached athlete price 45 USD
non coached athlete 65 USD

In This Issue

 Articles from the Coaches  

•Leonardo Moreira

 Specific Race Plans
Advanced level canned training plans
 Coaching Service Offers 
 Free eBook: ironguides' Triathlon Secrets

 Tri Gear: 2014 trisuit and bike jersey are ready 

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