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April 2016

Want to learn the easiest possible way to improve your swim technique? Watch our video below.

We also like to explore all extremes, learn the benefits of treadmill running and also how to maximize your running off-roads with our 101 trail running manual.

Don’t miss out our articles on ironman training & a free 12-week training plan for first timers.

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Video: 3 steps to a faster swim 

I’ve been coaching a triathlon club for almost ten years and a very common mistake I see people doing is looking ahead / up, as they swim, this only makes their legs sink, creating more drag and slowing them down. The steps below will force you to swim at an appropriate technique, when it comes to head position and how your upper body can impact where your legs will be in the water: Read article and watch video.

Articles from the Coaches

 Coach Woody: Ironman Training – Spring Mistakes

Having trained well all winter and in good shape we need to take a step back and make sure we do not get carried away with this boost in motivation. Your training plan may well have changed to coincide with the arrival of spring and the impending race season and with these changes there are some often ignored elements that need to be taken into consideration. (more)

 Coach Vinnie: The Benefits of the Treadmill

Most of the people I coach are encouraged to make heavy use of the treadmill, especially if they are based in big cities with limited access to good running venues. I can tell you that a few professional world champions have run almost exclusively on the treadmill for long stretches and come off running faster than ever. How does a treadmill contribute so much to improved run skills? (more)

 Coach Woody: Ironman Performance – Preparation races and training through a race

While training is ramping up and the focus must be on following your program training races are also of great importance at this time. One of the mistakes a lot of people make at this time is thinking they need to do lots of endurance events as practice, i believe the complete opposite to be true. An endurance event such as a half ironman is very demanding on the body and will cause a major disruption to your training plan both before and significantly after the event. (more)

 Coach Shem: Trail Running 101

No matter what level of runner you are, as long as you don’t suffer from chronic ankle, knee or back injuries, there is a trail out there with your name on it just waiting to be discovered. Beginners should start with ‘easier’ trails of simple packed dirt or grass tracks to get a feel for the softer and less stable ground underfoot. The Green Corridor is a good place to start conditioning your knees and ankles for a bumpier ride. You would also be wise to aim for a conservative distance that you can complete with confidence. To the uninitiated, trail running is tough and a shorter distance can feel like the equivalent of a longer run on the road. (more)

 Coach Woody: Performing on race day

We all head into the race differently, though rarely in a completely perfect scenario: we may be a kilogram heavier than we would like, have missed one long run or long bike, taken too little rest or did too much travel. There is always something but come race day we all need to realize there is nothing we can do to change our current circumstances.. (more)

Our Coaching Services

Event and distance-based training plans to help you achieve your goal: a one-stop shopping experience that will ensure the right preparation for your chosen target race. Follow the plan and you’ll be ready! (more)

If you’re looking for the most personalized training plan and coaching advice, this is the program for you. We offer Basic, Complete and Premium Online Coaching. High performance athletes, this is for you! (more)

At $39USD/month, Our monthly subscription plans offer a more tailored approach focusing on different disciplines and levels. We offer, for example, a Beginner Triathlon subscription plan, or a Swim-focus Triathlon program, and a Run-focus Triathlon program. Great value! (more)

Free Training Plan Guidelines: 12-Week to your first triathlon 

There are many ways to combine three sports and train for a triathlon. Whether this is your first race or you have already a few seasons under your belt, here’s a simple approach that will ensure you’re ship shape in twelve weeks, without resorting to expensive tools and leaving room to mix it up from week to week. (Read more)

Special Offer: 20-Week Ironman Plans Advanced Level – Your ticket to Kona and a Personal Best – Only 145USD

The ironguides 20-week Ironman Distance Triathlon Training Manual provides all the information you need to successfully prepare for your next Ironman. It’s effective, efficient, safe and fun. Based on The Method, a sophisticated yet simple way of training high-performing athletes developed in more than two decades, this plan will give you all you need to be ready physically and mentally for your next challenge.. (more)

“Twelve months ago I decided to do Ironman China with the aim of maybe qualifying for the World Championships in Kona. I purchased the ironguides 20-week Ironman program, and followed it reasonably closely for the 20 weeks leading up to the Ironman. Well, it worked!! I finished in 9:52 – the 2nd fastest age group time at the race – and I confirmed my spot at the World Championships in Hawaii. Woo hoo!!!” – David Bently, ironguides athlete at Ironman China 2010

Qualify to the World Championships with our Personalized Online Coaching packages 

Life can be hectic. That doesn’t mean training for and racing in triathlons is impossible. If you’re a busy person, whether a novice or an experienced athlete, this is the training option for you. Your ironguides Coach will develop a training routine that is tailored to your limited amount of time available for swimming, cycling and running. You will receive time-efficient workouts. You’ll be amazed at the quality of training you can do when time comes at a premium. This training plan will be tailored to your agenda and fit into your busy routine. In fact, many of our athletes fit into this category—with time-consuming corporate jobs and young families—because triathletes typically tend to be high achievers and we at ironguides know all about that.. (more)


“When I signed up for ironguides, my goal was to break 11 hours in a full Ironman and break five hours in a half Ironman while still juggling with my professional & personal life. ironguides helped me achieve both of of them. I owe this to the carefully built training plans from my coach and from the confidence I had in the approach. As a bonus I also learned that triathlon is not only about the numbers but it became my lifestyle & passion! ” – Vagner Bessa

Bike Focus Training Plan – Only $39/month

The ironguides Bike Focus Triathlon Training Subscription program is perfect for the athlete who struggles with sluggish, uninspired cycling splits in their triathlon results. Much of your training time will focus on building bike strength and power, while maintaining or somewhat improving swim and run skills. The Bike Focus program teaches you to ride “triathlon style” so that you conserve your run muscles and glycogen, control your heart rate, and leave your fast twitch fibers ready for a strong run. The program follows the principles and structure of The Method to ensure quality training and full day-to-day recovery..

“I’ve always been self-coached but didn’t want the commitment of a coach while I was interested in following a structure that works. The subscription service is a great idea as I’m still able to train using The Method, while it fits my budget and gives me flexibility to change the focus from single discipline to the balanced programme as I progress into the season”
Keegan Scott

Free eBook: ironguides’ Triathlon Secrets, a superb tri resource

Download ironguides’ free ebook Triathlon Secrets and discover the secrets of Olympic medalists and Ironman champions.

Excerpts from Triathlon Secrets:

… an obsession with data took hold of me and began to displace the spontaneous joy I used to experience in training…

…The Method meant learning to read the body’s signals and knowing to trust one’s own intuitive understanding…

…enables you to develop a broad feel for the workings of your body. Like life, training by The Method is a qualitative experience!

…don’t waste time or energy readjusting to new, haphazard sessions and reconfiguring weekly schedules…

…train to maximum efficiency (for your situation) while optimizing recovery… [more]

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ironguides updated catalogue!  Check the photos out below or download our catalogue for more details. 

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